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Betsy Hinkle
Jason Amos
Marjorie Gere
Michael Dahlberg

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Introduction To The Boston Public Quartet

Boston Public Quartet

The Boston Public Quartet is a professional string quartet comprised of Betsy Hinkle, Jason Amos, Marjorie Gere and Michael Dahlberg. The members are a team of teaching artists and are the joint organizers of MusiConnects. Betsy Hinkle plays violin and is the Founder and Executive Director of the quartet; Jason Amos plays viola and is the Patron Liason; Marjorie Gere plays violin and is the Rehearsal Coordinator and Michael Dahlberg plays cello and is the Concert Manager. The quartet regularly present concerts throughout the Boston area, both in traditional performance spaces and in community venues.

Aims Of The Quartet

The members believe that being part of a string quartet involves elements of empathy, flexibility, positivity and a sense of common purpose. They see this as a kind of model community, which allows the performers to use their work to explore a great many ideas and the full gamut of human emotions, reflecting the human condition. The members of the group use their performances together as a vehicle for the deepest and most direct form of communication between themselves and, through their music, with the wider world.

Through the belief that their music and performing together can help develop positive and desirable outcomes for those involved, The Boston Public Quartet uses the principles embodied in the performance of chamber music as a model for teaching and other work and activities. As well as providing ongoing musical eduction, the group try through their work to demonstrate and develop a pattern for communication and teamwork that can be transferred into the wider community.

The Quartet And MusiConnects

MusiConnects was formed by the Boston Public Quartet with the aim of using the transformative power of music to develop self expression, musicianship, and community cohesiveness. They hope that through their teaching, performance and other work to help bring together young people, musicians and family groups. MusiConnects is a non-profit arts education organization set up to offer people in the Mattapan and Roslindale areas the opportunity to participate in tuition on string instruments, attend performances by professional musicians and to access a wide network of people, resources and creative opportunities.

Through their work with MusiConnects, the Boston String Quartet try to use the common language of music to draw together people from all types of backgrounds to meet and interact in a meaningful and beneficial way. Such activities and opportunities make it possible for people from all walks of life to feel empowered and to increase the options for mobility within and across communities. The organization also has partnerships with local public schools to provide tuition in music for local children free of charge.

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